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Weekly Racing and Bomber/Enduro

Springfield Raceway - Springfield, Missouri
Saturday, April 15, 2023
Racing action continues at Springfield Raceway with the All Metals Recycling BOMBERs Enduro along with weekly racing. $144 to win & $50 to start the A Main for BOMBRs / Enduro cars. Springfield Raceway has 6 Classes of Dirt Cars that compete weekly to be in Watson Metal Masters Victory Lane each week. 66 Truss Usra Stock Cars All trailer Services POWRi B Mods Indigo Sky Casino POWRI MW Modzs A Wheeler Metals Legends, Hayden Machinery MW POWRi Modzs B Pepsi Pure Stock Guffey Services Heating & Cooling Mini Stock / Fwd.

Produced by: Springfield Raceway