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Live Weekly Race Mechanic, Kids Bicycle and Powder Puff Racing

Springfield Raceway - Springfield, Missouri
Saturday, October 10, 2020
Show-Me Dirt Springfield, Missouri Saturday, October 10 Dirt Track Racing Continues with 5 weekly classes of cars along with Mechanics & Powderpuff Races. Yep, you heard it the Pit Crew & the Ladies get a chance to tackle the ¼ mile clay oval... Action will not stop there because at intermission we will be having Kids Bicycle Races…. B Mods, MW A-Class, MW B-Class, Pure Stock & Legends will be the classes Racing. See you at Springfield Raceway this Saturday & don’t forget if for some unknown, unforeseen wild out far reason you can’t make it to Springfield Raceway this Saturday you can watch it live on

Produced by: Springfield Raceway